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Personality Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder Three experts discuss various aspects of diagnosing and treating borderline personality disorder. Topics include brief treatment with borderline patients, borderline marriages, and the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to treat borderline personality disorder.

Credits:  3 $36.00
Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders This course gives an overview of personality disorders and provides a more detailed discussion of borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, and passive-aggressive personality disorders. Topics include diagnostic criteria, assessment, engagement, crisis stabilization, treatment, continuum of care, and alcohol and drug use among people with personality d ...

Credits:  2 $24.00
Differential Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder from Bipolar Disorder

The purpose of this article is to update counselors on the expansion of bipolar disorder in the psychiatric literature, present evidence for the validity of borderline personality disorder, discuss strategies for the differential diagnosis of it from bipolar disorder, review proposed changes in DSM-V, and integrate the literature into a m ...

Credits:  1 $12.00