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Domestic Violence
Anger Management Brad Barris, PhD, discusses treatment for anger management. He describes his theories of the causes of anger and presents Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) as a model for treatment.

Credits:  1 $12.00
Domestic Violence: Counseling Clients Involved with Violent Intimate Partners This program provides information about how to assess for intimate partner violence, explores safety-related ethical issues that arise when counseling clients in IPV relationships, and explains the use of safety plans as a tool for promoting the safety of clients in IPV relationships. The material includes additional information on safety planning.

Credits:  2 $24.00
Domestic Violence: Intimate Partner Abuse Mental health professionals and other health care providers regularly counsel clients who are in intimate relationships with partners who are violent. Topics include understanding the dynamics of abuse, screening, assessment, and intervention strategies, barriers to leaving an abusive relationship, cultural issues, and safety planning.

Credits:  7 $84.00